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【Bonenkai / 2 hours all you can eat】 Awoo Pork Shabu Shabu + Okinawa cuisine (over 70 items in all stores)

【Bonenkai / 2 hours all you can eat】 Awoo Pork Shabu Shabu + Okinawa cuisine (over 70 items in all stores)

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Tax excluded price ※ Elementary school student or less: 1980 yen Under 3 years old: Free + 1500 yen with unlimited drinks

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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

You can enjoy all you can eat all you can eat at Ryukyu Black Pork Akuta Shabu-shabu Pot and Okinawa cuisine 【more than 50 kinds in the store】 in 3,680 yen (+ tax) Table Order.Please enjoy with seasonal pizza which changes every month and with sweet potatoes boasting of seasonal vegetables! 90 minutes last order, 2 hour system.

Course menu

· Okinawa cuisine and phantom Ryukyu Aegu black pork shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat

· Additional ingredients for pan Including about 20 kinds of all you can eat

· All-you-can-eat all dishes in the Okinawa one dish restaurant

● Appetizer

First of all, cabbage and oh guru with pork oil and miso / sea grapes

Ji Mimi Bean Fu / Goya Pickles

Potatoes pickled with Chinese cabbage shikuwasa / Mochi mozu vinegar

Mimicer's vinegar Miso / seasoned mimicar

Baked spam / black pig glue steamed gyoza

● Salad

Potato salad of red potato / Salad and herbal salad

Pork's cold shabu salad

● Chan-Puru · pottery

Goya Champuru / Fu chan

Papa Yelitie / Mimiciger Iliche

Spam Iridic / grilled pork ginger

● fried food

Today's Ryukyu vegetable tempura / deep-fried chicken

Reddish potato mochi fried / spiral potato

Fried Potatoes / Tempura on Azusa with Mozuku

Tempura of an island climb / Deep fried mimicar

Tacos ball / chikiagy

Gumadango red bean / Okinawa croquette

Fried deep-fried temple / sulu (kina)

● Noodles

Okinawa soba / Okinawa sauce yakisoba

Okinawa salt fried noodles

● rice dish

Seafood bowl / Chicken rice (Keihan)

Rafute bowl / seven grain rice (small, medium, large)

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