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【Bōnenkai / All-you-can-eat all day】 Ryukyu Island Wagyu and Ahuu Pig Shabushabu + Okinawa cuisine (over 70 types)

【Bōnenkai / All-you-can-eat all day】 Ryukyu Island Wagyu and Ahuu Pig Shabushabu + Okinawa cuisine (over 70 types)

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Tax excluded price ※ Elementary school student or less: 2980 yen Under 3 years old: Free + 1500 yen with unlimited drinks

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Luxury! Ryukyu Island Wagyu and Ahuu Pig Shabu Shabu + Okinawa Cuisine 【All in-store items · Over 70 kinds】 All you can eat.All you can eat as an original brand of Ryukyu Island Wagyu and Phantom Black Pig Awoo Pig! Even all the gem dishes in the restaurant are all you can eat!

Course menu

· Okinawa cuisine and phantom Ryukyu Aegu black pork shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat

(Choose soup stock · · · Classic bonito, beautiful soymilk, season)

· All you can eat shabu-shabu pan of Ryukyu Island Wagyu beef

· Additional ingredients for hot pot More than 20 kinds of all you can eat

· All-you-can-eat all dishes in the Okinawa one dish restaurant

● Appetizer

First of all, cabbage and sweet potato with miso

Sea grapes

Ji Mimare

Goya pickle

Pickled Chinese cabbage shikuwasa pickle

MOISTURI on a moon

Mimic vinegar miso soup

Seasoned Mimicer

Baked spam

Steamed dumplings with black pig ahuu

● Salad potato potato salad island and soybean salad pork cold shabu salad

● Chan-Puru · pottery


Fu chan

Papa Yeliti

Mimiciger Iliche

Spam Iliche

Grilled pork with ginger

● fried food

Today's Ryukyu vegetable tempura

Deep-fried chicken

Deep-fried red-sweet potatoes

Spiral potato

French fries

Tempura on the island when it leaves the island

Island tempura tempura

Deep-fried mimicar

Tacos ball


Gomadango red pea

Okinawa croquette

Duru heaven

Deep fried Okinawa salt of Sulu (kibinogo) yakisoba

● Noodles Okinawa soba Okinawa sauce Yakisoba Okinawa salt fried noodles

● Rice Ocean Braised Rice Bowl Rice Bowls Raftay Bowl Seven Rice Rice (Small, Medium, Large) Pickled Shike Washer in Chinese Cabbage

We have abundant kinds etc etc.

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